Paul Asadov is a Russian-American painter who brings his experience in interior and architectural design to his large scale abstract paintings and complex textured designs. 

Born in Russia, Paul spent his childhood in the city of Pyatigorsk. The great cultural history of the city influenced the core of Paul's vision and helped him step into the world of art.


When he was 5, his mother discovered his talent early when she taught him how to draw complex shapes and figures. Paul became fascinated with the creative process, and since then he has created a breadth of artwork spanning a wide range of styles, palettes and materials. 

At the age of 20, Paul immigrated to the U.S., searching for new challenges and opportunities. In the U.S., Paul entered the construction industry, soon starting his own business, focusing on high-end remodeling design and construction. While this being his primary occupation, he has continued to develop his style into what has now become intentional art for unique spaces.

Currently, Paul works primarily in oil and acrylic paints, ink, and watercolors. 


"Experiencing first-hand the fracturing of the Soviet Union and being in the midst of the collision of East and West, I have developed an art form to rationalize these feelings and to rectify what became even stronger emotions once I experienced a new life in the United States. I have very strong compassion for humanity and am fortunate to have found a way to seek refuge in subdued renderings, bringing an inner calm to the canvas, yet hinting at the turbulent times I have lived through."

Paul has made this experience part of his creative process and can understand in this way best how to create custom artwork for the most challenging of spaces.

Paul's creative approach to decorating your unique space.

I usually start the process by getting to know my clients,  their tastes, and personal preferences. I study the lighting, finishes, and colors of the interior to gather inspiration for creating the desired look. This approach ensures a harmonious relationship between the space and the art piece. 

I consider the position of the windows and light fixtures to determine the painting's textures that will best capture the surrounding light, show the colors of the paint, and add another dimension to the painting. Textures can change the contrast of the colors offering more to the viewer.

In my creative process I make use of my architectural and construction experience to bring forms and colors together by working with trowels, plaster, glazing textures, fabrics, etc.

Photographing and measuring the  interior space allows me to find an ideal size and placement for the new art piece. Later, a proposed palette is used to produce a miniature mockup for the purpose of reevaluation and approval. Once approved the actual art piece is produced and delivered to the client’s location.

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